Preschool Program

Settling into the Centre

All children take different lengths of time to get used to separation from their parents/whānau. New families are encouraged to spend time visiting the centre prior to their child’s start date. These visits allow families to get to know the teachers, routines and environment and for us to get to know you. For the first few weeks don’t expect to be able to drop and run.

The teachers will encourage you and your child to join in the programme. If your child sees you happy in the centre they are more likely to feel settled. Children can detect when their parents are anxious so make yourself at home and join in.

When you first leave your child may become distressed. This is totally normal, and should change over the next few weeks. It is best to say good bye and reassure your child that you will return, give them a hug and leave. Don’t look back – your child will be safe and settled into play within a few minutes. Our experienced teachers are all skilled at settling young children into the centre and reassuring them of your return and that they are safe.

Food and Drink

You will need to supply a lunch box filled with healthy food (sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, cold meat, crackers with hummus or cheese, plain biscuits, plain popcorn etc. We are also happy to reheat food such as leftovers from dinner for your child. Because of allergies we do not allow any nuts in any form At Discovery Preschool.

We also ask that you bring a named drink bottle with water only. Juice and soft drinks are not accepted here.

The Children have a rolling morning tea between 10am and 11am – meaning they come when they are ready to eat. A teacher sits with the children and encourages self-help skills, good table manners and keeping them safe.

Lunch is at 12.45pm. All children sit down together with a teacher at each table to encourage self-help skills, good table manners and keeping them safe.

As children settle into the centre, we allow them to eat when they are ready/if they need to until our routines become familiar to them.

Protection from the Sun

Please provide a named sunhat for your child’s use over the summer months. We also advise that you sunblock your child prior to arrival. We sunblock every child at 10am and 1pm during summer. Appropriate clothing is recommended – cool and loose fitting. If your child has sensitive skin, we advise that you bring your own appropriate sunblock for us to use.

Birthday Parties

If you wish, we can arrange a small celebration for your child’s birthday. Children will have the opportunity to make and decorate their own cake here at preschool. We serve this as well as popcorn, fruit and biscuits at morning tea time. Children will get their very own birthday mat time and get to choose their friends to sit at the special birthday table with them. If you would like to do this, please speak to the manager at least a week before the day. A small $10.00 charge is made to cover the costs. Alternatively, you can arrange your own cake and snacks to bring in at morning tea time and we will celebrate here together.

Toileting and Sleeping

If your child is using nappies, please provide 3 nappies a day. A chart is kept in the changing area recording all the information about each nappy change.  Toilet training is undertaken in consultation with parents/whānau when the child is ready. Please talk to the manager about this.

If your child requires a sleep a small side room is closed off for this purpose.  Children are checked on every ten minutes when sleeping (a timer is used). Please view our sleep policy for more information.


We have several different ways of maintaining communication with parents/whānau. As parents arrive in the centre each day there is an opportunity for, at the very least, casual communication. This is very important for maintaining good family/teacher/centre relationships. Any queries or concerns please speak to the manager – we are happy to discuss any matters with you.

Our email address is

Our Facebook page can be found by searching – “Discovery Preschool – Avalon” and liking us to stay up to date with everything going on here. You can also use the messaging service to communicate with us.

Behaviour Management

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for all the children.   We use guidelines that will lead to the child understanding and using acceptable behaviour. Children are encouraged to talk to other children and find solutions to problems with the help of adults.  Praise and encouragement are used, with positive reinforcement of acceptable behaviours.


Please do not bring your child to the centre if they are unwell.

Young children are unable to cope with the busy environment of an early childhood centre if they are unwell. The centre does not have the staff or facilities to care for sick children and illnesses easily pass on to other children and the teachers. We follow the exclusion guidelines provided from the Ministries of Health and Education.

Any child with vomiting and/or diarrhoea must not attend the centre. Please keep them at home until 48 hours has passed since the last loose bowel motion or vomit.

Children who have had a temperature should not attend until 24 hours have passed in case they are infectious.

A professional cleaner is used to clean the centre premises every day and the carpets are steam cleaned on long weekends.