Ages and Stages

Ages and Stages

Toddlers (2-3 years)

Toddlers love to get physical. This is an age where children learn through play and physical activity. Our programme for this age group is all about active learning through a variety of learning experiences which are planned for each day. We place a big emphasis on children’s social skills and developing the ability to take turns, share and negotiate with their peers. Positive behaviour for learning and active exploration is fostered. Our preschool is bright, open and spacious with plenty of resources to keep toddlers engrossed.

3-4 Y

Young children (3-4 years)

All children develop at different rates. We plan for children’s learning by focusing on their interests in collaboration with parents/whānau. High teacher to child ratio’s enable us to spend extra time encouraging and extending language and pre-reading and writing skills. Tuakana/teina relationships are actively encouraged between the children allowing the older children to develop responsibility and leadership skills. At Discovery, we do not have separate rooms for different age groups. We believe that children can learn an enormous amount from each other and tolerance and empathy for each other’s needs and well-being is an important factor in a child’s learning and development.

5 year olds

Transition to school (4-5 years)

Learning in this age group is still centered around play and the children’s interests however we introduce learning experiences that promote children’s transition to school. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings, manage a lunchbox on their own and develop the foundation skills that allow them to be able to thrive in the more teacher orientated school environment. We have a small mat time in the middle of the day that teaches children to come to the mat when called, listen to the teacher and their peers and be involved in group learning, games, songs and stories.